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The Hidden Dangers of Landfills: Cities’ Challenges in Managing Solid Waste

In a rapidly urbanizing world, the challenge of solid waste management has reached critical proportions, casting a shadow over the sustainability of our cities. This article delves into the concealed perils associated with landfills and the formidable challenges cities encounter in effectively managing their burgeoning solid waste. Understanding Landfills: More Than Meets the Eye   […]

What is Food Waste Composting Machine?

A food waste composting machine is a device designed to accelerate the natural decomposition of organic waste, particularly food scraps, into nutrient-rich compost. Composting is a process that turns organic materials into a valuable soil amendment by promoting the activity of microorganisms that break down the waste into a nutrient-rich and humus-like material. Food waste […]

How is A Food Waste Decomposer Work?

The Bio-food waste decomposer reduces the food waste volume and treated materials could be re-used. It is good and suitable for home, school, office, church and garden. Take your initiative at home and contribute to the environment. How it works?   When you put the leftovers into the ma­chine, yeast inside will start the decompos­ing […]

Is there a machine that gets rid of food waste?

TMK Composter | World’s Organic Food Waste Electric Kitchen Composting Machine | Turn Waste into Natural Fertilizer within 24 Hours. TMK is one of the largest composting machine manufacturer supplier and exporter of food waste composting machines of capacity starting from 30 Kg per day – 10 Ton per day. Our machines are fully automatic […]

The Social Impact of Composting: Community Engagement Through Composter Machine

Introduction   In recent years, as global awareness of environmental issues has grown, communities are seeking innovative ways to contribute to sustainability. One such avenue that has gained momentum is composting. Composting not only addresses the problem of organic waste but also fosters community engagement. In this blog post, we will delve into the social […]

How composting can reduce our impact on the planet?

Every day, we leave behind small bits of organic waste that, at first look, appear negligible. Fruit peels, eggshells, tea bags, and fallen leaves from a plant after transplanting.  However, when we add them all up, we realize that they aren’t so insignificant: food scraps and other organic waste make up 44 percent of all […]

Commercial Composting Solutions For Restaurants: Sustainability Guide For Businesses

Restaurants are composting using new modern equipment that makes it both practical and economical to do on-site.   Today’s commercial composting solutions take the complex task of responsibly discarding food waste and make it easy for restaurants to implement. Here’s a quick introduction and overview of the leading composting solutions for restaurants from Green Business […]