The process is completely automatic, odour less and noise less. The machine is so compact in size. Once solid organic waste is added to the machine automatically humidity sensor turns on and senses the moisture in the wet waste. Mixing blades mix the entire waste with bacteria uniformly. Due to the heater water content evaporate and goes to the atmosphere through the exhaust. Here 60% to 70% volume reduction hit. Simultaneously Special types of micro organisms get activated and decompose the rest of the waste. In just 24 hours of time, fine compost is ready to use!! It’s a completely bacterial process. The advantage is that there is no need to top up any sawdust and culture. Installation of bacteria is just one time. The process is so user-friendly. There is no need to crush or chop the waste. It’s as simple as that just add organic waste to the machine. After adding the waste machine will function automatically. No need to monitor it.
This rich compost provides important and rich nutrients for the nourishment and growth of plants. It is a necessity to deal with waste the correct way now, so there can be a green future.
Especially when disposal of waste can lead to something so ‘fruitful’. Who would have ever thought that waste would be so useful!
Waste Recycling Machine