The TMK Composter can deal with segregated organic waste. All it requires is a little sawdust and composting culture and within 24 hours, matured compost will be ready. The solid waste is mixed and cured inside this magical composter to help procure compost in the most eco-friendly way possible.
The TMK Composter works with a completely natural process using without heater microorganisms. They break down the organic material in waste disposed of in the machine giving pure, rich, and unadulterated compost. For all the amazing tasks this breath-taking, nay breath-saving machine can do, it does not require manpower or much assistance. There is stainless steel Drum in it which leads to high-end material of construction. It’s a very good component to convert food into compost. It’s so durable and gives long-lasting life. The baffles system provides into the drum for uniform mixing of wet waste with bacteria. It helps bacterial processes naturally and effectively. Advanced PLC programming was added to the machine to reduce complaints time. To control the odors deodorization unit is provided into it. Once input is added to the machining process is completely automatic. It’s without heater technology that saves your electricity bill.
Features of TMK Composter
1. Automatic: PLC controlled. No skill is required. On natural process. 
2. Processing: Processes All Organic Waste, Food Waste, Garden Waste, Poultry Waste, Meat Waste.
3. Mature Compost: Waste composts within 24 hours. Compost is matured when removed.
4. Natural Process: Completely Natural using Microorganisms.
5. Noiseless and Odorless: Completely Noiseless and Completely Odourless.
6. High-Quality Parts: Stainless Steel Tank and Other Contact Parts. Exterior Stainless Structure.
7. 3 R Principles: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle.
8. Safety Features: Overload function. HMI for process information.
9. Low Operation and Maintenance Cost: Low operation & maintenance cost compared to others.
10. Saves Environment: Reduces harmful Green House Gases. Leachate formation.