TMK provides food waste solutions for a variety of commercial uses, from restaurants to large-scale institutions. Utilizing microbial technology, our composting machines reduce waste volume by up to 90%, decrease disposal costs, and create a nutrient-rich, reusable end product.
We produce a range of composting solutions for on-site waste reduction in commercial applications. They offer many advantages over other traditional waste management:
  • Turns food waste into
  • compost in just 24 hours
  • Reduce garbage volume and disposal costs
  • Odorless and pest deterrent
  • Sustainable and socially responsible
Our composting machines decompose all types of food waste in an aerobic environment using controlled parameters such as temperatures, agitation, and airflow. This makes TMK composters a state-of-the-art machine in the food waste composting industry. Our units also feature sophisticated ventilation and a bio-enzyme filtration system that promotes the elimination of unpleasant smells.
You can add in all types of food waste including fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, meat, fish, poultry, eggshells, and crustacean shells, whether they are cooked or uncooked.
  1. Scalable: Wide product range to fit small businesses or large-scale operations.
  2. Odourless: The unique design, construction and composting process of our machines allow them to function virtually odor-free.
  3. Economical: Businesses have been able to implement a significant reduction in waste management costs by adopting on-site composting practices for food waste.
  4. Sustainable: Divert waste from landfills and produce fertilizer for landscaping, gardening, or farming.
Local composting is a natural and efficient process that allows for significant reductions in waste volume, savings on waste management costs, and a final product that is reused as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. It’s a simple and effective way for your business to contribute to a greener and better world.

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