The 24Hr Composting Machine is the solution to Municipal Solid Waste Management, for solid food waste management for both residential and commercial establishments, for the management of agricultural waste at food markets, farms, and animal waste, enabling the management of waste at points of generation.
Our 24Hr Composting machines are custom designed to convert all organic waste into compost (organic fertilizer) within 24Hrs. The device can compost all organic waste including kitchen food waste, fish and animal waste, leaves, grass clippings, weeds, seeds, diapers, sewage sludge, shredded meat bones, palm fronds, etc.
The resulting compost is rich in plant nutrients, both macro, and micronutrients, with more than 80% organic matter content, thus when applied into the soil it increases agricultural crop production, enhances the soil water holding capacity, and the soil microbial biodiversity that has an overall impact on the soil health.
The 24Hr Composting machine helps mitigate climate change as the composting process is aerobic thus eliminating the production of methane that is aggravating climate change.
The 24Hr Composting machine is a 3-in-1 processing unit that Sterilizes, Composts, and Dries the organic waste that is then readily available for farm use. The machines are made of stainless steel and produced by TMK. The compost machines are of various sizes from 2kg/day up to 300ton/day capacity, thus we can match your waste generated with a specific machine capacity.